Saturday, July 20, 2013


This is my last Comic-Con update before I leave for Comic-Con.  Ofcourse, if something else amazing and Comic-Con-related happens tome before then, I will post an additional update.  Though I wouldbe hard-pressed to top finding out an amazingly talented maker ofmovies was a fan of my work. Sorry...that tease is all you get.I’m thrilled beyond words - though I keep trying - to be a specialguest of the convention.  As I’ve said previously, I intend to havethe best convention of my show my family the good partsof my world...and to do what I can to help others have a fine timeat Comic-Con.I will be appearing on four panels during the convention and thatschedule can be found here.  I’ll be doing a signing session in theAutograph Area following my spotlight panel.  Whenever possible, even outside these panels, I will do my best toanswer your questions and sign your Isabella-written items.  If youwant to meet with me for any legitimate reason, business-related orotherwise, please contact me via e-mail or Facebook and I’ll do mybest to accommodate you.Something that I know will happen during Comic-Con is that peoplewill come up to me and I will not remember their names, their facesor what they want to talk to me about.  Chalk up to the hundred plusconventions I’ve attended and the tens of thousands of columns andreviews I’ve written.  I still love you all madly.  You just needto remind me why I love you all madly.  I appreciate you giving aleg up to this aging comics industry soldier.I am not coming to Comic-Con looking for work.  However, I’m not atall adverse to discussing new projects with publishers, editors orartists.  My workload for the rest of the year looks light, thoughthat is not a particular concern of mine.  I have my garage sales,my own projects and other things to keep me busy and bring in abit of cash as needed.I’m not coming to Comic-Con expecting to settle any old grievancesor lambast the perpetrators of those grievances.  I have and willdoubtless continue to write about such things here, but that’s noton my agenda for Comic-Con.  Yes, I’ll answer questions about thesethings honestly.  Yes, I’m willing to talk privately with the perpsif I feel they are sincere in wanting to resolve these grievances.But I’m just as content to let them enjoy their Comic-Con as muchas I intend to enjoy mine.When it comes to signing, I am delighted to sign Isabella-writtenitems.  However, I will not sign Black Lightning items which werenot approved by me and/or for which I was not compensated.  That’s the position I feel I have to take in light of continued failuresby DC to honor their agreements with me.  I’m sure you can find agreat many other items for me to sign.  If not, please address anycomplaints to DC Entertainment.On cheerier notes...I can’t thank Janet Goggins, Tommy Goldbach, Katherine Morrison andthe rest of the Comic-Con crew enough for the many kindness they’ve beenshowing me.  I am in utter awe of how magnificently Comic-Con putson this incredible event year in and year out.  I kinda wish theywere running the country, nay, the world.I also can’t thank my dear friend Mark Evanier for all he has donefor me over the closing-in-on-half-a-century we have been friends.I try and he’s gracious about it and all, but I never feel like Ithank him enough.  When you see him at Comic-Con, please thank himfor being Tony Isabella’s friend.  I can’t imagine Mark would everget tired of hearing that. Heh, heh, heh.See you in San Diego!© 2013 Tony Isabella


San Diego's Comic-Con Convention Allows Adults To Relive Their ...
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Comic-Con was awesome, hope you enjoyed following the events here! Now ...
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Inside Jeff Overturf's Head: San Diego Comic-Con Countdown part 3!
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Countdown 7 Days Vol. 1 (Manga) (Books)
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