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Threats, Bullies and Predictions #BB15

The Stats:Jessie evicted 6-0Aaryn won HOH Way Off BroadwayNext Thursday a Jury member comes back into the game (TBD)Have Not Comp Big Black BoxAmerica voted Head Cheese and Habaneros as the Have Not FoodHave Nots are Amanda Gina Marie Helen and ElissaAaryn Nominated Elissa and Helen to be on the BlockPOV Players Elissa Helen Aaryn Spencer Gina Marie Andy picked as HG choice McCrae HostPOV Comp OTEVElissa wins VETOElissa used Veto on herselfAaryn nominated Spencer as the replacementSpencer and Helen are on the block up for Eviction What's New:Helen and Elissa  have been campaigning for Helen to stay over Spencer  for the past few days. They have very valid points but due to people being scared in the house  no one will make the move to vote out Spencer. I had this long blog where I had so much information about all the "conversations" in the house for campaigning and decided to wipe that out. You know all about it by now and if you don't then hit me up and I will link you to the conversations where I typed them all out. This season it seems that if you go against Amanda in any way that it's taken as a threat. The only thing it threatens is her game. No one is flat out threatening a person. Maybe production should put in the rule book a glossary for the HG's to read and highlight  the definition of THREAT and BULLY. I'm so sick of people misusing  words in that house. Threatening is when you go to a person and say "I'm going to punch you in the face if you don't move." But when you say "Hey, if you vote out this person you know they/he/she are coming after you next" is NOT a threat it's stating the obvious. Everyone is going after everyone in the house so why are they all pissy about  being told that they will be sought after? All of these HGs, except Elissa have made physical threats against the other HG's behind closed doors. That is why they are so quick to call another HG out on anything that might rock the boat on their game play or game move or future game.I expect some flack from this but understand this is just from a GAME PERSPECTIVE.You cant bully someone in the house. You can be stern with them as if you were scolding a child but that's just about it. NO ONE has someone in a corner twisting their arm asking them for their lunch money. I think Amanda has a very stern way about her and so does Helen  and both have been referred to as bullies inside and outside the house. I do not see them as that.  I'm not weak minded and would never let either of them  manipulate  me they way they have  others in the game but manipulating is not  being a bully. Today's Key Moments: FB 8/21/13 cams 1/2 1:10 pm BBTHelen Elissa Andy Aaryn Gina Marie up in HOH Helen Elissa Tell Andy they know he is voting out Helen Elissa: Getting rid of Helen is giving Amanda and McCrae the gameHelen: You're the swing vote and I need your helpElissa: Spencer will win over you AndyElissa: if aaryn is saying it you know you will be 3 people's target if you don't vote for Helen1:38pm Andy: you're not swaying me by threatening me  like this it's pissing me off people that are supposed to be my allies should not  threaten me. Elissa: it's not threatening it's Big BrotherHelen:I'm sorryAndy: you just called me up here and threatened me!!This tone was far from a threat everyone was sitting down there were no arm gestures or death stares. 1:45pm  Amanda comes into the roomAmanda: what is this bash Amanda Elissa: no one is saying anything bad about you Amanda  we are campaigning for HelenAmanda: Well Aaryn is downstairs crying and saying you threatened her and Andy is sitting her and he looks like he was cryingWith Amanda butting in she tells Elissa  that  what she is saying is a threat when in fact it's just a potential game move1:51 Elissa  walks out of the roomElissa: I don't care what you guys think and have to say Im stating the obvious and it's a game move it's Big Brother  Today was pretty much the last straw for me. While it's all ok for everyone to trash talk Elissa the moment that she  has a conversation with Andy and explains details on what will happen or might happen when Helen leaves the game Andy spouts out "don't threaten me" It was not a threat it was a statement and soon to be a proven fact!  Elissa can only talk so much before someone comes into a conversation and dissects a small portion to yet again stir the pot. Elissa has sat back and taken it all in and knows who she wants to talk to  and who she doesn't.  Andy also didn't say anything about being threatened by Elissa and Helen in the HOH until Amanda was there (thanks Eric yeah we talked about this! ) Why didn't they tell Amanda to leave. Would that have been bullying? Hell no! But I'm sure that Amanda would have twisted it to sound like it was.  Everyone already knew she wasn't voting for Helen to stay so she didn't need to be in the conversation or room. And so what if she is being talked about of course people are going to say you manipulate  people because she is. This is the first season i have seen in years where  someone cant campaign for themselves with out the word bully or threat being used. Being assertive is not being a bullyHaving an opinion isn't being a bullyStating the obvious isn't a threatElissa knows she can not trust anyone and  she must win comps from here on out. After seeing her compete in OTEV they should all be scared of her in any physical comp. This went on for a few hours with several conversations all through the house but everyone apologized  and the outcome will be that Helen will be evicted 4-1 Thursday's Predictions: When Helen goes to walk out  that front door it  will be locked and Amanda Aaryn Gina Marie Spencer and Mccrae's faces will drop,  Andy will be sobbing in a corner knowing he just blew his game and Elissa will definitely  be jumping for joy.They have already decided to throw the HOH comp but that will most likely change since Spencer wants to win it along with Gina MarieIF Helen wins the return comp  she will be out for blood and all that I LOVE YOU crap will go out the window and she will be ruthless. Plus it  will give even more drive to Elissa to win the compIf Judd comes back Spencer will think he's got him as an automatic partner but I don't see it that way. I see Judd going after AarynIf Jessie comes back in I see her teaming up with Elissa If Candice comes back look for Amanda to try and welcome her with open arms but Candice to shut her down. Candice will definately go after Spencer and Gina Marie with Aaryn as a back door option I want Elissa to win HOH and nominate Amanda and McCraeMake sure to check out our Live Feed Breaking News Video Recaps, Our Weekly Recaps and Eric's Comedic Mashups Here►                Reality Recaps Big Brother Video Recaps and Mashups

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