Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How I Met Your Mother 8x23 "Something Old" Review: Robin Digs Deep

How I Met Your Mother regained it's feet this week after last week's lackluster episode.Below were the top highlights of the night:Source: CBSRobin Diggers?.. Who knew Robin could become so girly! Well this week certainly demonstrated that as she went bat-crazy over finding something she buried when she was a young girl.. (or young guy should we say). She made a pact that the only day she would dig it up again was when she found the love of her life, and if she couldn't find it, it would be a sign from the heavens that he isn't the one.But once Robin found the mysterious box she was in a state of relief before discovering that the actual object was missing! I guess we'll get back to that later (yes i'm using the show's famous plot device).Lily & Marshall plan the future.. Are these two really leaving for Rome? Its been a question for quite a few weeks now but after this week's episode it started to hit the home-front. It all started once Ted refused to remove his broken bean bag (a sign over not accepting change), Lily & Marshall tried to keep it though by patching it up but it was too late as Ted had realized that things are a ch-changing in everyone's lives.I really think they'll stay though since there in almost every future flashback.Barney bonds with Robin's dad.. Yes no joke, Robin's stone cold dad actually likes little old Barney and approves him marrying his daughter. It was quite hilarious seeing the two bond over laser-tag, something that's a huge deal for Robin and Barney.Ted ignites an old flame.. Okay this was coming for a few weeks now and came to full blow this week as Ted showed up for Robin when she was in desperate need of someone's comfort during her crazy digging hunt. Not only was he there for Robin, she was there for him too as Ted was nervous when heading towards a big meeting. It really proved just how well these two know each other, by the very fact that they understand what their feeling when they say "nah, it's stupid".These little quirks truly get me questioning whether or not Robin is in fact the mother despite the show-runners insistence that she's not. Also could the sudden pour down at the end have a significantly deeper meaning? (Remember it was raining on the night Ted meets his wife at Farhampton station).Overall Rating:4.7/5Next week is the big season finale! Could the mother of all secrets be finally revealed?Check out the promo below:

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