Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old Enough to commit an adult crime

Old enough to go to an adult jail.Not only did these four 12-13 year old thugs, robsomeone's house, twice! They felt the need to trashit.By trashing this person's house, they showed asuperiority complex and a sense of entitlement,also they showed their stupidity, by trashing thishouse they ended up getting caught.So what should happen to these little 12 to 13 yearolds??Well if your old enough to commit an adult crime,your old enough to go to jail.Let see them act like little tough guys in prison.

Old Enough to commit an adult crime Images

Very young children are likely to only be charged for more serious ...
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stated if you re old enough to commit the crime then you re old enough ...
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One Fan’s Opinion: Look Your Age! - Anime Vice
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Harris Interactive 2006 US & European Study
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