Sunday, May 26, 2013

The feat Sachin never got praise for

A lot of people do not know this as well as some sports journalists that the biggest achievement cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and perhaps not 100 international centuries he scored for India or matches were won by beating him and sometimes his bowling. It is a role in keeping some of the cricketers suspected of dubious match-fixing outside the team.When the scandal broke the match-fixing in 2000, it was Tendulkar and at least three senior cricketers other who came together, and make sure that not only the players banned by the BCCI in match-fixing, but even those who have performance and behavior suspicious had been arrested Never for Indian band again. Quietly went about the task, making any public statements. But Cricket Council and the transfer of interests and the Bank of Credit and Commerce, which was afraid of onlookers turned away from the sport, quickly acquiesced.Is something else that the Bank of Credit and Commerce, for reasons best known to it, did not bother to follow up a case against Captain former Indian, and this is when the then South captain Hansie كرونجي African has claimed that he had known the bookmaker MK Gupta by the player an Indian. She also claims that the CBI he had evidence against the player.Not charged for other cricketers involved with match-fixing by the Central Bank of Iraq, which was then investigating the case, where the agency can not find strong evidence against them.However, while the captain got changed over the years, and said the cricketers never picked up again to play in India. Sachin & Co. was not on a revenge mission. In fact the players who were 'unofficially' banned from playing for India again was under suspicion even before the outbreak of the scandal of match-fixing. For example, one cricketer, known to be one of the fastest runners between the wickets, has also emerged in most operating outs.Then there was the wicketkeeper, who was on the field to not only appeal to catch even though the ball clearly observed through the batsman. There was also a hitter who left carelessly in the test despite being asked to bat cautiously by the team management.In fact two of the cricketers until this publicly wondered why they were never picked for the team. Ironically, these cricket players and even those who were believed to be involved with bookies match fixers are now in television studios and to give their views on the current spot-fixing scandal and dissect the performance of the players who are currently playing cricket for India.For those who are wondering how to define the spot and the match for continuing despite the cricketers after he was banned this account in the past, this is your answer - ban a player or erase records is not deterrent enough; what is needed is to have cricketers trial.Controversy determine the spot is also a lesson for those players who toil every day playing cricket at Shivaji Park and other causes in Mumbai that there is no substitute for hard work.Yes, cricketers such as Donny has a large number of bikes that cost lakhs rupees and everyone might want to own, but it did not come the easy way. Takeaway would Sreesanth is that there are no shortcuts to success and no matter how confidentiality of your involvement in match-fixing, you are bound to get caught sooner or later.

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