Saturday, June 22, 2013

Forlorn is Grey Beard

spinach%20boiled%20eggI saw it coming as clear as day. Down at the bottom of my parent’s street was Grey Beard striding somewhere. I couldn't turn around so I  just kept going and waved! LOL Cheerio! I like the guy mostly, but he can sure use you for his purposes. He waved and hollered and I kept going. “See you, dude!” I wanted to get home and I had just procured my cokes and Helen’s lunch. I didn’t want any mad dashes to dollar stores and liquor stores.

I know you don’t ever hear me complain about Helen’s lunches, but today’s was lackluster. This has a lot to do with what my father picks for Helen to cook. We had tough pork cutlets, spinach and boiled eggs, creamed corn, butterbeans, and cornbread. I think it is about time for meatloaf and macaroni and cheese. Can I get an Amen?

elmore-correctional-facility-overcrowding-e59745874acd4ce9I talked to Mrs. Florene for a moment last night.

“George wrote he may not be eligible for parole for two more years,” she told me sounding dismayed.

I said that sounds about right not wanting to dishearten her.

“We will pray for the best, though,” I then replied.


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