Sunday, June 9, 2013

INEC bans election posters,threatens sanctions againstviolators

“It is observed that campaignposters are beingindiscriminately displayed, whileelectioneering broadcasts arebeing aired outside the statutoryprovision for campaigningtowards elections into variouselective offices,” INEC said in astatement by its spokesperson,Kayode Idowu.“This trend is unhealthy andportends ill for the politicalprocess. Indeed, it is a threat toNigeria’s democracy.”“The Commission herebyreminds all players of theprovision of Section 99(1) of theElectoral Act 2010 (As Amended),which states as follows:“For the purpose of this Act, theperiod of campaigning in publicby every political party shallcommence 90 days beforepolling day and end 24 hoursprior to that day.”Political parties are advised tonote that campaigning outsidethis provision is a violation of thelaw, and the Commission will nothesitate to apply appropriatesanctions against culprits asprovided by relevant sections ofthe law,” the statement said.PREMIUM TIMES

INEC bans election posters,threatens sanctions againstviolators Images

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