Friday, August 9, 2013

Marc Janssens

Marc JanssensMarc Janssens, ° 02.03.1969Education School of Art and Crafts: SISA-Antwerp (B)St.-Lucas Academy Antwerpen (B) Graphic Art.Academy for the Arts Mol (B) Sculpture Academy for the Arts Mol (B) - Ceramic"Marc Janssens gives form to a different kind of change, a mutation touchedby poetry, a dreamworld where man and object have become one.He makes a puzzle with fine fingers and radars, wings that are membranes,miniscule engines with dust, backed into rust.He designs little human monsters that have become one with an airplane thatwill not take off and figures that stands up and wants to bring motion into bizarre artificial limbs.With ceramic and pulverized materials he embroiders monsters that haveescaped out of the caves of a centuries old ritual. These are all pleasant things that are worn out en get their charmunexpectedly out of their uniforms or harness and have delicately andpoetically been touched but the caring fingers of time."(Hugo Brutin)Facebook Page

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Marc Jansen
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mark jansen
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ir. M.J.B. (Marc) Jansen
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