Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is It tru? Gogl Glss Explrr edtn vd and photos ht th wb

Yestrdy we rcved wrd tht Ggl Glss ws hot off th prsss and hadng fr shippng, and tdy Ggl+ is fll of posts from th lcky fw who ar nw in pssession of thr dvice. Unbxng pctrs hv srfcd, as wll as a tidbt of inf that navgtin drectons cn b pshd frm smrtphn t Glss. And prhaps best of all, thr’s als a vido rcrdd wth Glss at the g-krt trck, whch w hv aftr th jmp.

bv is a slf-prtrt tkn by Brndon Allgod usng hs Ggl Glss, whch can b sn in s-clled Trmntr fshin on hs frams. H als pblshed a snpsht of th dvc in an unboxd ps, shwng off bth th frams and th vrs accssres, sch as th mcr USB cbl and chrging adptr. G+ usr Arthur Vn Hoff als hs an unbxng albm. Fllwng ths is a vd rcrdd by Mtt Abd using Gogle Glss at th g-kart trck, whch yu cn watch blw. Accrdng t the devc supprt pgs tht Gogl mde pblic ystrdy, Glss ftres a 5-mgpixel cmr snsor and cn rcord vd in 720p; dn’t frgt t bmp YoTb’s vdo qlty up t max t s th vdo in hgh defntn. And, fnlly, thre’s als th screnshot from Cecl Abde cnfrmng that drvng drctns cn b sent t Glss v the MyGlss app. W’ll crtnly be sng mre phts and such ht th wb as mre byrs rciv thr devics, but untl thn y cn catch up on th ltst rond of news, sch as Glss’s spcs and th Mirror AP dcmnttin and sampl cde. [vi Engdget] Stry Tmlin Lawmakr sks to bn Gogle Glss use whl drivng Gogle Glss rprtdly beng md in US Ggl Glss SXSW vd demnstrton nw avalbl in its entrety Ggle Glss Explorr Edtin t ship t dvlprs nxt mnth Appl bord mmbr blves Ggle Glss is th strt of an intmt tch er Gogl Glss Explorr editn starts shppng tdy Ggl Glss Mrrr AP dcmntton nw avlabl Ggl Glss spcs: 16GB of storg, 5MP cmera, and more Gogle Glss Explrr edtn vd and phts hit th wb is wrtten by Brttny Hlln .

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