Friday, April 26, 2013

How to turn off the computer after downloads

Are you obsessed with emissions? You happen often download large files but do not have time to wait until the end to turn off the computer? Or maybe leave the computer switched on all night because you flihet sleep and not wait until the end releases? Then you have a choice: to install a plugin (add-on) in your browser!If you use Mozilla Firefox, versions 3.6 and older, it is very simple. Just download the attachment through the official website of Firefox. Application called Auto Shutdown (Windows, Mac or Linux) will automatically turn off the computer after you finish all downloads in Firefox.This plugin is not compatible with newer versions of Mozilla Firefox. However, almost always and for everything there is a solution. To add Firefox Auto Shutdown, just download it and then install the application manually. Go to the Firefox menu and click Add-ons (or February from the keyboard CTRL SHIFT A). Then click Install Add-on From File, navigate to the folder where you download the application and install it.Once Firefox is closed and opened again, in the bottom right corner of the window will see emissions Shutdown option, which can be programmed every time you want to turn off automatically after the computer downloads.

How to turn off the computer after downloads Images

Turn off your computer by ~brokenxrainbow on deviantART
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TURN OFF THE COMPUTER by ~sonyrootkit on deviantART
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... turn monitor off, start screensaver, lock computer and monitor off
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Download Turn Off Computer Software: ITurnOff, IHotkey, Smart Turn Off ...
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