Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Things

Random Things~Boston Bombings: I've tried to stay away from mentioning the bombs because I wanted to keep this blog somewhat upbeat and humorous. But, I do need to say a few things. First, I love how most news companies won't even mentionthe fact that Reddit discovered the bombers way before even the FBI released a photo of the suspects. While there were some missteps, they did a good job pointing them out. Second, thanks to all the cell phones and digital cameras, they were able to give a step by step timeline of the events.And, social media also played a role. It is also interesting to note that one bomber even had a profile written about him way before the attacks. I mean info is all out there. Also, how stupid do you have to be to wear white hat backwards so people can get a good profile of you? Stupid, just stupid.~Megan Fox as April O'Neil: Everything about this news seems wrong. And, why is Michael Bay even bothering to cast her after the mean things she said about him? It doesn't make much sense. And, have we forgotten that she is a piss poor actress? Anyway, Megan Fox has already dyed her hair red. Why not get a hot redhead that can act? Hell, the pornstar April O'Neil would be a better choice than Megan Fox.  We know that Pornstar O'Neil is a better actress than Miss Fox.  ~Justin Bieber and his Monkey: All this talk about Justin Bieber and his Monkey could be read in a totally different way. I guess he's not interested in picking up his dirty little monkey Germany. By the way, I've grown tired of Justin and his stupid “home schooled” comments of late. I'm sick of the shirtless strolls around town and the stupid comments about Anne Frank. ~Harry Shearer is being pulled from his radio home: He had this show on the radio for about 29 years and now the radio station that was his home is shifting his show to an Internet Only broadcast. At first, I was against this, but given the state of radio now, it might be a smart move. Basically, only people in LA won't hear him on the airwaves. I remember the rather funny scene in Wayne's World 2 with Shearer.

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