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Showcase Showdown

Seasonal Sports Superiorityby Sports Eye ViewPhoto Cred www.sportslocal.orgFor the love of every sport, we, the writers of Sports Eye View, would like to entertain you, our readers, with one of the broadest Showcase Showdowns we can come up with. After the NBA and NHL playoffs finished a couple weeks ago, the sports world has slowed down quite a bit with baseball chugging along in the middle of it's season and not much else going on. A few Tennis fans out there are closely watching to see if Andy Murray can snatch his second straight Wimbledon title and even fewer NASCAR fans are out there awaiting with great anticipation the Chase for the Sprint Cup Series. We would like to fill this gap by trying to determine which season of sports is the best. Spring boasts the completion of the NHL and NBA playoffs and March Madness while Summer brags about it's always exciting MLB season and all star game, NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup as well as the occasional Olympics. Fall brings us the start of the NFL season, College Football and MLB playoffs and Winter shows of the ever exciting ending to the NFL season along with playoffs and of course, the BCS Bowls and the occasional Olympics. So which season is better? Let's see what the writers of Sports Eye View think.Photo Cred www.cbslocal.comEric - I will begin by saying that the Spring by far offers the greatest sporting events of the year. It is so obvious that I could just leave it at that, but just for your entertainment (and for the very few who don't already know this), I will explain further. Let's start from the beginning. College Basketball season is coming to a close around the end of March. You all know what this means! March Madness!! Possibly the greatest tournament of all time kicks off Spring and lasts almost an entire month. Does it get much better than that? Well yes, it does. Not only is March Madness going on, but the NBA and NHL playoff races are tightening up and the MLB season is starting. It's almost too much goodness in such a short period of time. And then, if you thought it definitely could not get better, the NBA and NHL playoffs start and finish right at the end of Spring. If you need any more explanation as to why Spring is the best season for sports, you are out of your mind.Photo Cred www.betinternet.comRyan - Let me start off my promotion of the Winter Sports season by telling you a story.  When I was 10 years old, I had a crush.  On who, you might ask?  Tara Lipinski.  I, along with the entire world population, watched as the 15 year old Golden Girl took down the best in Michelle Kwan and brought USA home the gold medal.  It was a good day.  Other memorable Winter Sport memories? Anyone remember the Miracle on Ice? Yeah, the one where the scrub Americans beat the domineering Russians in the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal Match.  They made a movie out of that one.  What about that Jamaican Bobsled team?  Yup, made a movie out of that one too.  Please, if you haven't watched Cool Runnings, do.  I can go on and on...The Immaculate Reception...The Catch...every Daytona 500 and Super Bowl ever played...The Ice Bowl....The Blackout Bowl.  I feel like I got the easy task with this Showdown.  I'll go into more details once I see what the other guys have to offer.Photo Cred Close your eyes and just imagine for a minute. You’re sitting outside on the porch; warm coffee in hand, a fleece jacket wrapped around your shoulders.  A nice, crisp breeze blows over the lawn and rustles those leaves that are shedding their green hue to the grandiose orange, reds, and yellows the fall delivers. A bonfire in the distance is tingling your nose, reminding you of your youth.  At this point all of your senses are engaged- except the sense of excitement. You walk inside, turn on the TV and gear up for the greatest sports season of all- FALL. “So Ben, why is it the best?” The NFL season is throwingoff its rust, the NBA is jumping into form, and the English Premier League is kickinginto gear  (Yes, I'm not above punning my way though an article). Oh, and in case you forgot, a little thing called PLAYOFF BASEBALL is in full swing. Playoff baseball is straight up magic. Even casual fans start to get batty with the constant excitement of a 7 game series (I’m done, I swear). Still not enough for you? Just head into town to watch young, talented high school kids, with aspiring dreams of stardom, put it on the field every Friday night under the lights. Simply put, fall is awesome. Photo Cred www.uwishunu.comCaleb - There is one event in the sporting world that captures the hearts and minds of the entire globe. One two week stretch in the heat of August that causes even the shallowest of sports fans to skip class, work and even their wedding to find the closest television set. Without further adieu....The Summer Olympics. While I believe that March Madness is the best sporting event in the United States, The Summer Olympics is without a doubt the most amazing event in the wide world of sports that spans far beyond the borders of MERICA. The London 2012 Olympics broke the record for the most watched event in television history. While Americans and small populations in the rest of the world are glued to the NBA and MLB finals, every eye and ear in the world unites within each country to cheer their team on in each individual event. The national pride that is sprouted from just one gold medal for a small country truly shows the beauty and brilliance that athletics can bring to our world. I have many more reasons why the Summer seasons reigns supreme, but starting with the top seems most appropriate. The Summer Olympics makes the season of Summer simply scintillating.Photo Cred www.keepingscore.blogs.comEric - To snuff out the Summer sports season first, you brought up the event that takes place every 4 years. Sure it's fantastic when it is happening, but it is 2 weeks every 4 years. That is hardly as good as something that happens year in and year out. Fall is good because of the NFL getting started but everyone knows the end of the season and playoffs are the best part of the NFL season. Playoff Baseball is the only great thing the Fall has going for it. Premier League soccer is just a blip on the radar in America. NASCAR is probably more watched than the Premier League. If we all lived in England, the Fall would be kicking butt entirely due to Premier League soccer but we all live in America. The Winter does have some good sports as well but once again, the Winter Olympics only happen once every 4 years. The NFL playoffs are awesome and definitely the highlight of the Winter but that is about it. So in summary, the Summer has one great event every 4 years, the Fall has MLB playoffs and the Winter has NFL playoffs. Compare that to the Spring having March Madness which happens every year, NBA playoffs which happen every year, NHL playoffs which happen every year and the start of Baseball, which is always extremely exciting, and you have yourselves a clear winning. Prove me wrong!Photo Cred www.reuters.comRyan - Eric, I beg to differ.  When it comes down to it, there are only two seasons in the running for this title, that being the Summer and Winter due to the presence of the Olympics.  These games are so amazing that they can only have them once every four years!  You are also not putting nearly enough stock in the start of the NFL season in the Fall.  If you're honest with yourself, you know, just like the rest of us, that the NFL is by far the greatest and most popular sport in America by leaps and bounds.  Nothing comes close.  Sorry man, the Spring is that lapse in the year when you're just waiting for the Summer months to come.  So, why does Winter beat the Summer? Each have the Olympics, which gives them an EVEN upper hand over the Fall and Spring.  Unfortunately for the Summer, there isn't much else than that besides Training Camps and Preseason.  Winter has the exciting end to the NFL regular season, the spine tingling playoffs and the one event that breaks all of the TV records every single year, the SUPER BOWL!!!!  Again, I got the easy task.  Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier; the BCS Championship Series!  Easily one of the Top 5 single sporting events of the year.  The Winter season captures those who love professional sports, college sports, and once every four years even throws something in there that the entire world can tune into.  Seriously, need Ben and Caleb even take a stab?Photo Cred www.gambling911.comCaleb - Ryan beat me to the punch about the Olympics. I would rather have the greatest sporting venture of all time once every 4 years than the normal American sports championships every single year. The simple fact that it happens once every 4 years makes it that much better and bolsters the summer season's resume. Also, are we really making the argument that the summer Olympics are the only event happening in the summer? Did we forget that 3 of 4 golf major championships occur in the summer? Now I know some of you will bash golf for being boring, but have you ever watched the U.S. Open? Have you ever been glued to the television for 5 straight hours on a Sunday? The U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship all occur in the summer and carry a unique change of pace from the normal big 4. Also, summer holds Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in the tennis world which carry the same glorified weight as the golf majors. Summer holds the unique and brilliant sporting events that the rest of the seasons just don't have. Also, which of you can deny checking your phone or internet each and every night to get text updates from the Phillies, Pirates or Orioles? We may not be at the beginning or the end of the MLB season, but I would argue that the middle of the season is much better than the beginning. Divisional races are taking shape, new stars are being born and surprise stories are always popping up. For any true baseball fan, the summer months are the best time of year. I see your individual points and I believe we all have strong cases because sports are amazing all year round, but there is simply nothing better than listening to the baseball game on the radio on a summer night, waking up early to watch Tiger struggle in the British Open, or wearing your USA colors and screaming and shouting about synchronized swimming. Bummer for the rest for only one reason, summer is the best, the best of the seasons.Photo Cred www.rampagedreality.comBen - Sure, the Olympics are fantastic, that's impossible to argue against. But while you're talking about 2 weeks, everyone else is thinking big picture: consistently the best at round house kicking you in the face for 3 whole months season. It just so happens to be fall. I mean who doesn't love variety; that's what Fall is about. THREE types of football (HS/College/Pro), soccer leagues across the whole world (not giving up on soccer Eric!), Hockey, Basketball, and playoff baseball (And Baseball is the most "American" sport there is, shouldn't that just be the end of the argument? Could be, Wont be). The fall is set up for sporting events every night of the week. The amount of quality sporting action available is just wild- like riding an eagle through the mists of Valhalla during a full moon. Doesn't get much better than that!Alright everyone, now it's your turn.  There is no way to settle this for good without having your input on the matter.  How do you help? 1. Post in the comment section of this story.2. Vote on the poll along the right side of the blog. Help us out, which sporting season is the best overall?!!

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