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“The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis – A Different Kind of Heaven

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis – A Different Kind of HeavenC.S. Lewis is rightfully known in the literary community as being one of the most ingenious authors of all time, always finding original ways to convey his thoughts, hypotheses and ideas. The Screwtape Letters are certainly a very good example of what he can achieve. It is a short and very simple novel with only one actual character: the devil called Screwtape. The story revolves around the letters Screwtape is writing to his beloved nephew, Wormwood, and in them he provides advice on how to better tempt humans into following devilish ways rather than angelic ones. Lewis uses this set up to explore a number of different topics revolving around the eternal battle of good against evil, including where morality, faith and temptations fit into the scheme. Though the read was fairly short, I loved every single second of it. It is one of those carefully-crafted satirical comedies in which every phrase is a joke and a reference in itself, and where reading in-between the lines always pays off with new and unexpected jokes. The subject itself, the act of a senior devil coaching a younger one to “secure the damnation” of a human, is already a premise that promises to be rich in content and possible jokes. What really brings the laughs though is the nonchalant and plaintive way in which Screwtape goes into the problems plaguing devils such as himself who are just trying to make it through a day in hell.All humor aside though, The Screwtape Letters may very well be one of the most thoughtful explorations of religious faith and morality in humans. Screwtape spends a considerable amount of time discussing (or rather, writing about) the nature of the “line of work” devils are in, and how even though things may not seem fair to humans, they make sense according to the devils’ playbook. As was previously-mentioned, a number of different themes are explored in this story (most notably morality and temptation), ultimately paving the way for the answer as to what it means to have true faith.All things considered, I would only recommend The Screwtape Letters to those of you who prefer a more old-school type of comedy, something with more irony and satire rather than randomness and crude jokes. In addition, if you also happen to enjoy thinking and discussing existential questions, you’ll get even more out of this experience.Places, where you can buy The Screwtape Letters Visit The Screwtape Letters Amazon webpage Visit The Screwtape Letters Amazon (Canada) webpage Visit The Screwtape Letters Barnes & Noble webpage More of the C. S. Lewis' book reviews:The Chronicles of Narnia

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