Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simple smoothie

Hello beauties!I've been craving fruit. I don't really want vegetables (except if they're raw and in a salad, and I can live off cucumber at the moment) and I don't want any meat at all. Not even fish. It's become very blegh to me. But fruit? Man, I love my fruit. Pregnancy cravings are really weird!Also, with the morning sickness still hanging around (yup. Week 22 and still vomiting. IT SUCKS), I've only been able to eat very limited amounts and kinds of food.Someone told me to try smoothies. They're filling, healthy and I can blend up whatever I'm craving. So it's a triple win. My doctor told me to eat lots of fruit too, so I know I can get away with it. :)This simple smoothie has been my daily bread for a while now. I can have it for a week and not grow tired of it. And today I want to share it with you! I use a banana, a pear and a naartjie (like a tangerine) for my smoothies. I've also done this with an orange, and it works just as well.You could switch out any of the fruits for something else. I just find the citrus makes the smoothie runny enough that it's still drinkable, without having to add water.I don't add any sweeteners, but you could add sugar / honey or whatever you like to sweeten it up. The pear makes it pretty sweet in this case.I also use about a tablespoon of vanilla yoghurt. You could use any kind of yoghurt you like, or you could leave this out if you wanted to.For a more milkshake-like consistency, you can use ice cream instead.All else you're going to need is a jug, a blender and a glass.I cut up the fruit into small pieces and chuck them into a jug. I have a real blender, I'll have you know. I just prefer using my stick blender for this, because it cleans so easily and takes away the schlep of having to set up the big blender. I'm lazy like that.If you're going to use a stick blender, just make sure the jug you mix in is deep enough so you won't splatter smoothie onto everything.If you want it more like a juice, add a 1/4 cup of water here.Then I blend it to the consistency I like. You have the control here. If you like it more chunky, you can leave it that way. I like it smooth, and to get it that way takes me and my blender about 1 minute. When I'm happy the fruit is chopped finely, I add the yoghurt and blend some more.Et voila. This method of mine fills one glass.It's a really quick, hassle free drink, which I've had for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. When I'm not so hungry, this is a good meal replacement.The banana makes it really filling, so one glass is enough. The pear adds the sweetness and the citrus adds some juice to it, so I don't need to add water. I've been thinking of adding cucumber to this too, because at the moment, cucumber makes every meal better in my book. :PI bet this would be a really nice addition to your diet if you're trying to lose some weight too. This has just been working really well for me, since it's one of the few things I can keep in, even when I'm at my most nauseous.And what makes this one great is the fact that it's enough for a single serving. So many smoothie recipes on the internet makes a whole jug full. Jan doesn't do the smoothie thing, so I can make enough for me without wasting.If you have awesome and easy smoothie recipes, please share them with me. I love hearing from you!Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,Yolandie

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