Monday, May 13, 2013

Kerry Rhodes: Is He Gay or Straight? I Don't Care

For about 2 weeks, rumors have been swirling about NFL safety, Kerry Rhodes.  Is he gay? Is he straight?  Does it matter?According to multiple media outlets (and his spurned "lover"), Kerry Rhodes is attempting to prove himself to NFL teams as a free agent and to the rest of the world that happens to be interested in his sexual preference.  Can I go ahead and remove myself from the latter?In a society where being openly gay is becoming more widely accepted, I think Kerry would do himself a great service as a potential trail blazer (if he is gay) if he came out to the NFL fans everywhere.  But there is no law that states that a player or person has to share their personal preference with ANYBODY.  Who cares what he does at home?  If he was a player on my team, the only thing I care about is him stopping opposing QB's from accumulating 400 yards against my Cowboys.  Be you.  Do you.  Remember what happened to Tiger Woods when he stopped being who he really was??  But here is where things get sticky.Kerry has voiced his side and vehemently denied these accusations.  But his alleged "lover" has spoken his piece as well.  I honestly and wholeheartedly believe that an openly gay player in the NFL would not receive any backlash at all.  But once you deny it, people begin to investigate in an effort to validate your story.  So if it turns out that he is in fact, gay, this will not turn out well for him.Stay tuned.  'Cuz I won't.*Red is a link

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