Tuesday, May 28, 2013

hey! new post! (i've run out of funny)

 photo heyold_zpsea9d9213.jpg(lack of wifi mainly) photo heyold2_zps2c461a6e.jpg photo heyold11_zps0a5e9392.jpg     photo heyold4_zpsf134e47f.jpg photo helloold10_zpsba46c30e.jpg photo heyold6_zps212763a4.jpg photo heyold7_zps98ed6dbc.jpg(to save me from having to post myself)* * * * *So directly from the mouth of my {gorgeous} husband -who attempted so bravely - photo heyold12_zps58c486e1.jpg photo heyold12_zps80001aa8.jpgto try and draw an awesome cartoon with my drawing tablet -So here it is:  photo heyold5_zps5788441b.jpgFrom The Awesome Warr: photo heyold6_zps1c2df95a.jpgCave. Pressure. Under. Human.he. couldn't.But on the other hand -  photo heyold9_zps2060e6fc.jpg photo helloold13_zps51afc560.jpg"i LOVE that filter! it makes your eyes look so gorgeous! actually, it doesn't make your eyes look gorgeous, it just makes everyone see how they really are." - warren.i know.i know, right.Will be back to regular bloggin' when I get into the swing of things! Yay! So much to share!Also we spent the (better part of ) Friday night being awesome  - photo helloold13_zpse8947eac.jpg(yes. that's me lying on the floor. and yes, matching pants) photo heyold8_zpsc41474a5.jpgand... isn't that what marriage is all about?yes.yes it is.________________________________________See you on the flip side.xo

hey! new post! (i've run out of funny) Images

Versatile Lyle in and around Cape Town 19-21 October | The "Versatile ...
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Wayne Miller
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Friday Fight8: Eva Mendes vs Eva Longoria | The "Versatile Lyle ...
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Wordless Wednesday: Thoughts on my gym membership
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