Friday, May 31, 2013

Plastic molds supply

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Have a nice day!
This is Michelle from B&H King-mold Ltd. We learn your company information from website.
We are a leading mold manufacturer in China, specialized in making plastic injection mould,blow mold, insert mold, over mold,
double-shot mold,unscrewing mold, etc.We can produce 700 sets of mold per year. Besides,We have made molds for automotive, refrigeratory,
duplicating machine, washing machine, television, produces plastic products, and other various moulding products.
If you have any demand, pls feel free to contact with me.
Thanks for your attention!
Best regards

Yours sincerely
Michelle Zou

Business Development
B&H King Mold Limited
Tel: +86-755-29779915
Fax: +86-755-29779215

Plastic molds supply Images

Plastic mold - RHSJ (China Manufacturer) - Rubber & Plastics Machine ...
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Plastic Injection Mold (Taiwan Trading Company) - Mold - Machine ...
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Plastic mold factory wholesale supply 2013 jewellery presentation ...
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plastic mold - OEM - Inpal (China Trading Company) - Mold - Machine ...
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